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General Issues

What is Pleimo?

Pleimo is a Brazilian company, founded by Dauton Janota, focused on being a one-stop solution for the independent music market. With our platform, artists can market and distribute their work, create products with their trademarks and logos and sell tickets to their shows. Our streaming plans enable users to access their favourite artist’s content and discover new music and new artists, according to their preferences.

What does Pleimo do?

Pleimo offers a platform to help artists produce and market contents in various forms, while allowing the artist to get paid for it. Also, for the independent music fans, Pleimo offers unlimited streaming plans, with access to all this new and independent content and a full discovery tool for you to discover new artists.  

What is streaming and how to use it?

Streaming is the technology used by Pleimo that allows its users to listen to all the songs of our artists. Streaming is nothing more than a way to distribute multimedia information through a network, like through the Internet, allowing users to access the full content of the site while not needing to store everything locally. To hear music from our website, you’ll need to be online; our apps will soon have an offline streaming option.

Is Pleimo content legal?

Yes, Pleimo is 100% legal. Each and every artist that is contained in our database receives money every time their content is played. We have a state-of-the-art financial tracking solution, where the artists have access to every detail of their revenue, number of sales, fans, etc. Going beyond the artists signed with Pleimo, we work with aggregators and labels that allow us to distribute this content.

How to use

What operating system do I need in order to use Pleimo?

Our site is compatible with all the major browsers, so all you need is an Internet connection. For the mobile apps, you need at least an iOS 6 or later compatible device, or an Android ICS 4.0.3 or later compatible device. The full browser compatibility list is: Chrome 6 or later, IE 8 or later, Safari 5 or later and Firefox 4 or later.

I am unable to access Pleimo, what should I do?

Check if your computer or device is connected to the Internet, if your login information is correct and that your plan has not expired. If all these items are correct, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

If I’m out of my country, will I be able to use Pleimo?

Yes. If you have a Pleimo account, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere in the world, although you will only have access to the content that Pleimo can supply in the specific country you are inside. It’s not possible, however, to create an account if you are in a country where Pleimo still isn’t present.

May I try Pleimo before subscribing?

Sure thing!. Pleimo offers a free trial plan to both music fans and artists, with full access to our platform, our artists and services. For music fans, Pleimo offers a free 15-days trial period with full access to all songs. For the artists, Pleimo offers a free trial that allows them to fully use our platform for 30 days without any cost.

How to use the Pleimo mobile app?

Pleimo currently has two mobile apps, one for iOS and one for Android, with Windows Phone to come. The iOS app is available at Apple’s App Store and the Android app in Google’s Google Play. Both are available for free, but you’ll need an account with Pleimo to be able to use them. It’s not possible yet to subscribe to a plan via the app.

Pleimo products

What products does Pleimo offer?

Through Pleimo platform, you can buy unlimited streaming plans, t-shirts, mugs, phone covers and others, all customized by your favorite bands. Pleimo also sells tickets for the bands’ shows!

Can I download my favorite songs?

Currently you can only stream our content. However, Pleimo will soon offer the ability to download tracks. 

How do I buy products or tickets from my favorite artists or bands?


Purchasing a Plan

How may I subscribe to Pleimo?

Pleimo have subscriber plans both for the user and for the artists, and you may choose one in our website. To check out the details for each plan, you should go to:, choose the plan that is most fitting for you, click on Subscribe and finish your registration. For now, we are accepting payments via PayPal. You can create an account at PayPal, if you don’t have one yet.

How much does a subscription cost?

For the user who wants to subscribe to a streaming plan and have unlimited streaming, Pleimo offers subscription plans for both web and mobile access. To get more details and costs, go to To check out the plans for artists, go to

How do I pay for my subscription?

For now, Pleimo accepts payment only from PayPal. To buy something in our site, first you need a PayPal account. Soon we’ll offer direct credit card payment, debit cards and others. To create your PayPal account, you can go to PayPal.

Is it possible to change my plans?

Yes. Both the streaming user and the artists may upgrade their plan. To upgrade you plan, you should log in, go to "My account" if you’re a user or to your Dashboard if you are an artist, and click “Plan Upgrade”. Our system does not accept plan downgrades yet, but it will be implemented soon.

What happens if my payment fails?

If our system does not recognize the payment for your plan, you’ll receive an e-mail alerting you of the failure. From there, you’ll have 7 days to solve the problem before your account is deactivated. If you have the confirmation of the payment but our system has failed to identify it, please contact us via

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you should go to “My account” and then choose the option “Cancel subscription”

Streaming plans

How will I be charged for the streaming plans?

Pleimo charges monthly for the streaming plans, according to the selected plan. When you subscribe to our streaming plan, you will have already authorized PayPal to charge monthly.

How may I help my favorite artist?

Pleimo created an innovative system to generate revenue for the artist. Every streaming user may choose an artist or band to help, and when you sign up for a subscription, 20% of the value of the subscription will go to the artist or band of your choosing, in addition to the revenue generated by their songs and other products.

For the Artist

What are the benefits that my band and me will have from subscribing to Pleimo?

For the artist, Pleimo offers a complete one-stop solution for selling their music, videos and other contents and also for career management, merchandising, coaching, marketing and others. Some advantages of being with Pleimo: When you publish your art with us, you gain visibility. You may appear frequently in the results of the discovery. You’ll have full access to a dashboard with all financial and user data.You’ll be able to access our product generating tools. You’ll be able to sell tickets for your shows through Pleimo platform. You’ll receive 20% of the subscription value of all your fans, as long as they fill the field in their registration.According to the plan you subscribe to, the artist will be able to access videos made by people known in the industry, with orientations and coaching on the business. The bands that are most successful inside Pleimo will be invited to festivals, shows, video-clip recordings and radio and TV programs. And much more!

How can my band join Pleimo?

To register an artist or band, you should select one of our plans and complete the registration form. You should fill in as much of the profile as you can, the more you complete, the more likely users will be able to find your work and enjoy it! To register your band, access the link:

How will my band generate revenue?

Pleimo was created from the beginning with the aim of ensuring that the artist is remunerated to the best possible extent. Because of that, when you register, you keep 90% of the profit generated by our music and videos, and 80% of the other products that you sell through Pleimo. In your dashboard, you can keep up with all the financial information that you need, for example the number of times each song was played, how many fans you have and even more information.

How do I withdraw my payments?

Pleimo allows the artists to withdraw the minimum amount of US$ 100,00 or once per quarter, whichever happens first. To withdraw your money, you should go to your dashboard, click on Financial and request the withdrawal. For now, you will need a PayPal account to receive the money. For now, you’ll be able to withdraw money after 45 days from the sale, because of credit card operators and PayPal’s terms and conditions, but we’re trying to improve this right now.

How does the subscription plan payment work for the artists?

We have an accessible value for the artists, and this value is way less than the potential revenue generated for the artist by Pleimo. Go to to get more details on our plans. It’s worth noting that the artist keeps 80% of the net profit of the amount they generate on Pleimo.

Am I still the owner of my work?

Yes. When you register your works in Pleimo, you still keep 100% ownership of your rights, and you’re able to cancel your account and subscription anytime. Pleimo's objective is to give the artist the best platform so that they can promote and spread their works. 

I'm an entrepreneur. Is there any problem registering me in Pleimo?

No, no. An entrepreneur as well search for the artist exposure, Pleimo is a tool that makes this disclosure and near the fan artist. We see entrepreneurs as our content partners. The entrepreneur may even be responsible for entering data in the artist Pleimo platform.

What minimum age to signup on Pleimo?

The Artist has no minimum age to publicize their work in Pleimo, but if a minor needs a charge to sign up.

I have a few songs, which the requirement for entering Pleimo?

There is no requirement or music min. The artist should only have the rights of recording and reproduction of the work.

For Labels

I have a small or medium-sized label and I want to register my artists with Pleimo. What should I do?

To register a larger number of artists, Pleimo offers customized solutions and easier options for gathering information. To enable us to get a better proposal that fits your label, contact us through our customer service channels.


Someone has registered a song whose authorial rights belongs to me, what should I do?

It is very important to Pleimo that the artists are given the value that they deserve, so we’re 100% against piracy and illegal use of works of art. If you feel that someone is making illegal or unfair use of content that belongs to you, we will investigate that. The link that you should use to contact us about that is:

I want to report illegal content inside Pleimo. What should I do?

Authorial rights are very important to Pleimo, so, if you suspect someone is using content that does not belong to them, you can file a complaint at complain here and we’ll investigate it.