For those who can't 
 live without 

Listen to music. Discover artists. Sell your work.

Pleimo is much more than a platform, it's a philosophy.  One that brings a 360-degree vision to the music industry.  Not only do we bring the best music to you, but we also pay the artist properly for their work!

Now artists have a complete tool for selling
their recordings and publishing their songs.

For the Artists

If you are an artist we give you a complete solution that enables you to work and get paid. Our platform lets you sell your recordings, publish your songs, produce and sell your merchandising and sell concert tickets.  We also give career guidance on how to monetise your music.


For the User

Millions of songs and a new world of discovery!  This is what Pleimo gives to the music fan! Our streaming plans allow you access to your favourite artists, along with a superb user experience that helps you discover new talents that fit your musical preferences.



We are here for both artists and music lovers.  Pleimo offers simple and fast solutions for you to use our platform in an intuitive and natural way.  Right now, our subscribers can access our content through our website and mobile apps (available for Android and iOS).  And there is a lot more to come!

Our objective is to
shorten the path between the
artists and their audience. 

Pleimo way

Pleimo is already in many countries around the world and is continuing to expand fast. We occupy a space that no one else in the industry does: we stand beside the artists and put them first. Linking each artist with the wonder and fascination that they awaken in their listeners.

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